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Main Office: Ontario Canada

Allied Employment & Immigration Services
55 Town Centre Crt, Unit 700, Scarborough ON
M1P 4X4 Canada

Tel: +1(416)290-5763

Tel: +1(647)830-5763


Cesar Acuna Email add:

Rhoda Duclayan Email add:

SKYPE ID: join.allied

Allied Employment & Immigration Services


Thank you for confirming your interest for Study Program. Please CLICK PDF icon to download your Retainer Agreement:


After reading the contract please put your name, address and sign the document at appropriate place, scan and send back to us (8 pages) along with your payment receipt. You will need to put your initial in every pages (1 to 8) and sign page 3 (Section 4) and 8 of the retainer. 

 We will submit your application with the representation of the active member of ICCRC, Rhoda Galope Duclayan  who handle your Immigration case file and will represent you throughout the process and who is working at Allied Employment and Immigration. Please note that ALLIED/Best Migration CA Consultation and Immigration Services is the Business name of Rhoda Galope Duclayan registered in ICCRC and Immigration Canada and so the Retainer Agreement was written in her Business Name. Allied Immigration will be your local representatives to assist you in all your needs in the application. 


To start the process, you will be settling your initial payment (1st payment) upon signing your Retainer Agreement.

1st Payment: $500 CD (PLUS Bank fee $20 CD): Upon signing the agreement.

2nd Payment: $500 CD (PLUS Government Fee $100 CD & Bank fee $35 CD): Before submission of Application to Canadian Visa Office.




1. Credit Card/Paypal Directly deposit to Corporation Account.

Please click the link below if you wish to send your payment through Paypal/credit card. 
Please type the amount to PayPal box and press pay.


2. Bank Wire - Purpose of Transfer: For Immigration Assistance Fee

Name of Beneficiary: CHRMC Manpower Corp.

Company Address: 409-61 Town Centre Crt. Scarborough ON M1P5C5 Canada

Institution (Bank): Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

Institution Bank Add: 480 Progress Ave. Unit E1, Scarborough ON M1P 5J1 Canada

Account Number: 01732-16-06913


CIBC Transit Number: 01732

CIBC Institution Number: 010


3. Western Union –The current exchange rate of US$1 to Canadian Dollars is 1.32 (US$1=CA$1.32), the total amount that you must send is CAD594.  Please note that the Western Union does not accept name of the company as a recipient, it should be under the name of the person:

Recipient Name: Cesar B. Acuna

Address: 409-61 Town Centre Crt

Scarborough ON M1P 5C5 Canada

Telephone # :4162905763



Whatever option you decide on how to send your payment, please notify us and send us your receipt of the transaction along with your signed retainer agreement to We shall immediately start the application process once we have received your Signed retainer and confirmed the receipt of your payment.



Rhoda Duclayan
Client Manager
ICCRC Member, Canada